Just Ova Broke

A Dedicated Team, Passionate about Making Music

"A little bit of west coast flavor mixed with an east coast mentality demonstrates the different styles J.O.B. possesses, and gives a little foresight into the homage J.O.B. hopes to pay to it's many influences." - Coloradoan



Check out the '80s Baby Mixtape by Just Ova Broke. For a limited time this compilation of J.O.B. songs from 2008 to 2012, is available for Free Download. With more than 20 tracks, the '80s Baby Mixtape is sure to keep the heads ringin'.
Recording Studio

"Eyes Open" - Coming Soon

Just Ova Broke's much anticipated Sophomore release "Eyes Open" is set to drop in October. Keep your eyes up for side A, coming soon. J.O.B. is proud to feature an array of different producers and local talent on this new album. Connect with J.O.B. on social media for more information on upcoming projects.

"Eyes Open"